Missed The Last Demo Weekend For Umbrella Corps? Capcom’s Giving You A Second Chance

Umbrella Corps Screenshot 7

Good news, shooter fans: if you missed the last free demo weekend for Resident Evil spinoff title Umbrella Corps, Capcom’s giving you another chance to try it out this weekend. From 11:59 PDT on August 12 to midnight on August 13, everyone who owns a PlayStation can enjoy a slice of third-person action without spending a dime. As an added plus, there’s no restriction who who trial players can be matched with, so if you’ve got a few mates who own the full game, there’s nothing stopping you from teaming up.

In terms of features, Capcom’s post on their Unity blog gives you a full rundown of what to expect when the trial begins.

This feature-rich demo offers a chance to try the online modes and maps from the game. Explore RE locations in a whole new way such as the Kijuju map from RE5, the Village from RE4, and even the original mansion from the first RE. In case you missed it, here’s more on the free Spencer Mansion DLC for Umbrella Corps, click here.

Our own Joshua Kowbel didn’t exactly think Capcom created a blinding success with the spinoff, describing it as “dreadful from a technical, mechanical, and financial standpoint, Umbrella Corps sets a newer, lower bar for Resident Evil spinoffs.” But that’s just one opinion. Give the game a while for yourself and see what you think.