Mists of Pandaria Is The Fourth World Of Warcraft Expansion

As it turns out, the rumours were true. Mists of Pandaria is the official title of the fourth expansion coming to World of Warcraft. More than twenty-six thousand jubilant Blizzard fans waited to hear the gaming giant’s big announcement today, at Blizzcon 2011. They applauded enthusiastically when all was said and done.

Mists of Pandaria will usher in the game’s next phase, with new quests, raid content, professions, instances and PvP. Not to mention a level cap raise to 90.

Here is a point form list of what to expect from this upcoming expansion:

  • New talent system
  • Pandaren race
  • Pannaria region
  • Monk class
  • Level cap raised to 90
  • Dungeon challenge mode
  • Pet battle system
  • PVE Scenarios