MLB 2K12 Teaser Renews Thoughts Of The Ballpark

Although the cold, white snow may make you think otherwise, baseball season isn’t that far off on the horizon. Teams will soon be heading to warm climates for spring training, with dreams of a World Series championship in each individual player’s head.

Those lucky enough to be playing in the Bigs have a chance to bring their team to the sport’s ultimate glory, although those on the cusp of making it should not be overlooked either. After all, having a deep farm system is of the utmost importance – something my Toronto Blue Jays have been doing a good job of creating in recent years.

In order to get the sights, sounds and smells of the ballpark into our minds once again, 2K Sports has released a short teaser trailer for MLB 2K12. It chronicles a young prospect’s ascension from the farm to the Chicago White Sox‘ roster. That elation quickly becomes reality as this year’s cover athlete, Justin Verlander, strikes out the young rookie during his first at bat.

Welcome to The Show, rook.