Modder Recreates Original Resident Evil In First Person Mode

Resident Evil

Capcom’s Resident Evil series remains an impressively enduring zombie survival horror series since its debut in 1996, in part due to the franchise’s penchant for innovating the gameplay, mechanics, and settings of each game.

In modern games, gone are the pre-rendered graphics of the backgrounds, fixed camera angles, and so-called tank controls of old, opting instead, in Resident 7 and 8, for first-person perspective.

While this has proven to be a change that has paid off in the modern games, some may wonder what it would be like to use a first-person view in the original release.

Well, now that dream is a reality. As Bloody Disgusting reports, a modder named PerroAutonomo has released a beta version of his Resident Evil remake in the Unity Engine, featuring full-blown first-person gameplay. Though the environments were created from scratch, based on the original design of the videogame, eschewing the pre-rendered backdrop, it still retains the aesthetic identity of the ’96 original, not the 2002 remake or HD remaster of that remake.

PerroAutonomo has made the beta available for download from, so check it out if you get the chance, just in case Capcom decides they don’t want this version floating around the internet.

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