Modder Reintroduces Deleted Pokémon Back Into Sword And Shield

Pokémon Sword And Shield

The ongoing storm of negativity surrounding Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s so-called Dexit fiasco shows no signs of abating, it seems.

Ever since Game Freak confirmed earlier this year that Trainers would, in fact, be unable to Catch ‘Em All in the Switch pair, disgruntled fans have voiced their dismay over what many considered to be a degree of laziness on the developer’s part. In defence of its decision, the studio has reiterated multiple times that the choice allowed it to focus its efforts on new gameplay features instead and that the necessity of re-modelling every new Pokémon for its transition from handheld to home console was a gargantuan undertaking.

But that’s all besides the point. Regardless of whether you consider Game Freak to be liars or simply the recipient of unjust hate, both sides would agree that more Pokémon can only ever be a good thing. Sword and Shield‘s creator may have no intention of reintroducing missing members of the Pokédex, then, but modders have had other ideas.

See below for the results of modder SciresM’s incredible efforts to bring back those ‘Mons that were culled:

As one of the iconic original 151 not to have made the cut, SciresM decided to begin their campaign with Omastar.

Providing several status updates over on Twitter, Scires describes how the process of reintroducing the fossil Pokémon “wasn’t so hard,” though admits that getting animations to work properly isn’t so straightforward. That being the case, it’s unlikely that they’ll find time to bring back the hundreds of Pokémon still missing. Even if that colossal undertaking were to be completed, this is, after all, just a mod and would almost certainly get you banned from using Sword and Shield‘s online features, should you be found out.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are available now for Nintendo Switch. And if you’ve already become Galar’s new champion and are wondering what’s next, you can find our detailed post-game guide over here.