Modern Warfare 3 Airdropping New Elite Maps Today

We recently intercepted word that Activision‘s gearing up to release its next set of upcoming maps for the critically acclaimed Modern Warfare 3. One multiplayer map and, for the first time in franchise history, two special ops missions are in the queue for today’s release.

Those lucky enough to be considered a premium member of the Call of Duty Elite program will get first shot at the third round of content drops since the program’s inauguration in January. Up for download includes the large-sized Black Box, a level focusing around a downed Air Force One airplane. The level design seems suited for all times of shooters with close-quarters arena style action around the plane’s interior and surrounding buildings with plenty of vantage points scattered around for those that like to play at longer ranges.

For those looking for more than just a run-and-gun experience, Black Ice offers a ride upon “ a snowmobile of death deep into the heart of an enemy diamond mine.” In cooperative play one player guides the snowmobile straight into the mine while the other takes out as many hostiles as possible with a pair of dual sub machineguns. Once you’ve breached that interior it’s time for those gunplay that Call of Duty is so famous for. All of this comes together with another staple of the series, escaping explosions that would make even Michael Bay gasp in awe.

Third up on the release schedule is a true exercise in breaching, Negotiator. This is a true example where urgency is of the utmost importance. Players need to work together to first rescue their companion from the clutches of terrorists in no mood to negotiate. From there, players dash through the streets of a war-struck Indian town, taking out any targets in their way and breaching any doors they find. True to their single-player counterparts, breaching sequences slow down everything around the player, giving way to some brutal headshots.

All three maps are available today for Call of Duty Elite Premium members playing on Xbox 360. PS3 and PC players will get to deploy back into Modern Warfare 3 at a later, unspecified date.

Source: Activision