Nine Months Of New Content For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

For those of you wondering what exactly you’ve been paying for with a Call Of Duty Elite membership, Activision has just answered that question in a big way. With the announcement of the Modern Warfare 3 Content Season, Activision will be adding new content for the next nine months. 20 new pieces of content are being promised, with two new maps kicking it off on January 24. In addition to maps, we can expect new Spec Ops missions and a vague answer of new “game modes.”

All of the content drops will be absolutely free to anyone with an Elite membership, and will be available as DLC soon after. If the first two maps are indicative of what we can expect from Activison throughout the nine months, Elite members will be getting more than their money’s worth. To sweeten the deal a bit, Activision has additionally promised to run specialized events with real-world prizes as a celebration of each new content drop.

The two maps being released offer a wide variety of game play as each seems catered to a different play style. Liberation is a wide open map perfect for snipers and LMGs, while Piazza is a claustrophobic multilayered map perfect for those who like getting a bit closer with knives and SMGs.

Sorry fanboys, Xbox is getting the content first with PS3 and PC Elite owners catching up at a ”later time.”

Is this enough to get you to upgrade to Elite? What else would you like to see delivered?  How do you feel about Xbox getting content first?  Share your opinions in the comments below.