Modern Warfare 3 Worldwide (Official) Reveal May 23rd

It has been announced by Activision, via the Modern Warfare 3 Facebook page, that the worldwide premiere for the game will be this Monday in between the Western Conference Finals (us Brits actually have no idea what that means). Millions of viewers will be potentially catching their first nugget of gameplay ‘flashes’ during the big game in preparation for the E3 extravaganza.

Activision recently managed to turn the huge leak around by kick-starting their first wave of teaser videos earlier than planned and embraced the buzz that had been generated by the leaked details. Amazon are reportedly already taking pre-orders for MW3 and many fans are justifiably concerned over what exactly studio Beachhead’s involvement in this new CoD is.

The digital-content-focussed team is believed to be creating the dreaded subscription layer for Call Of Duty, the one that fans had feared Black Ops would support. We’ll hopefully have more juicy info for you soon.

Stay tuned folks.