Mojang Published Cobalt Is Now Available Through Steam, Xbox Games Store


Published by Mojang and developed by Oxeye Game Studio, Cobalt is now available for PC and Xbox players. The game features action-packed, side-scroller challenges across a cosmic campaign while also offering local and online multiplayer modes to dial up the frenzy and allow you to challenge friends.

Cobalt‘s campaign takes you on a platforming journey through a distant colony as you seek to uncover the secrets of what lies beneath the neatly rendered environments. Its combat comes with a twist, however, and you’ll be able to slow time in order to pull off slick action moves worthy of the most over-the-top Jason Statham movies.


The multiplayer modes add a great deal of longevity to the game, with survival, deathmatch and other competitive modes available to let you challenge friends in explosive, chaotic arena stages. Cobalt also features online leaderboards, so you can pit your skills against the best of the best from around the world.

Cobalt is available to download for PC and Xbox players through Steam, Xbox One and Xbox 360 right now, and costs $19.99.

Source: Team Mojang

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