New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer Shows Wii U Version In Action

Capcom is bringing the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to New York Comic-Con this week, which means nothing for those of us outside The Big Apple. Thankfully, the company released a brand new trailer today so the rest of us can also get our first look at the game running on Nintendo’s console.

The backgrounds and character models look a bit dated, which is not surprising considering they are upgraded assets from the Wii’s Monster Hunter 3. With that said, the game looks much better in motion than it did in the screenshots release a few days ago. Additionally, it is impossible to complain about how the game’s colorful art style looks in HD.

Check out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate‘s New York Comic-Con 2012 trailer below, and look for the game to launch on the Wii U sometime next year.