Monster Hunter 4 Launches On September 14th In Japan


Fans of the Monster Hunter series can rejoice as the latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter 4, will be released on September 14th in Japan. While Capcom hasn’t stated plans for a North American release just yet, they did reveal two limited editions that come with exclusive 3DS XLs, so diehard players could potentially just import the game. The release date was also coupled with a brand new gameplay trailer showcasing the many giant beasts players will face along with some new weapon types.

From what was shown in the video, a large number of the series’ staples remain, such as the mascot race of adorable cat-like Felynes, a major emphasis on crafting with a huge variety of amour and weapon types and a village hub where players acquire missions. While normal weapons such as Great Swords, Lances, Hammers and Bowguns make an appearance, two new weapons, dual maces and some sort of staff or spear, are shown briefly on-screen.

Of course, the game wouldn’t live up to its name if it didn’t have giant terrifying monsters for you to hunt. Shown in the trailer is a lineup people have come to expect from the series; a variety of elemental wyverns, a shark like creature with the ability to burrow into the ground, a giant bear that is mixed with a bunny, various raptors and a giant scorpion that will make most people squirm slightly.

While Monster Hunter games have never been hugely popular here in North America, it’s one of Capcom’s biggest franchises in Asia. With the large amount of expansions and spin offs created, the series has sold over 26.8 million copies since its creation in 2004. Hopefully, we will eventually see Monster Hunter 4 stateside at some point, but for now, fans in North America at least have Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which was released back in March for the 3DS and Wii U.