Monster Hunter Generations Will Launch In The West This Summer


During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the publisher announced that Monster Hunter Generations will hit Western shores this summer. Previously known as Monster Hunter X when it launched in Japan, the RPG is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.

The latest entry in the popular RPG franchise, Generations follows in the foot-steps of past entries. Once again, players will step into the shoes of a hunter who has been tasked with taking down massive creatures. This entry in the Monster Hunter series introduced several new mechanics to the franchise, including “Hunting Arts” special attacks, four new combat styles and the ability to play as the feline-like Felynes species.

In order to make up for long delay in between the release of the title in Japan and North America, two new features have been added to Generations. For those that have a save file from the last game in the series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you will receive a handful of exclusive bonus content. Fire Emblem personality Marth will also be playable in the party-based RPG.

We’ll continue to update you with the latest news regarding Monster Hunter Generations in the lead-up to its release later this year, so be sure to stay tuned for more!