Monster Hunter World’s Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Begins Today


Capcom’s well-documented love of crossover events and collaborations is set to soon continue with quite possibly its weirdest one yet.

Starting later today, players of the studio’s critically acclaimed Monster Hunter World will be subject to a widespread zombie invasion, courtesy of the Umbrella Corporation. As a celebration of Resident Evil 2‘s fantastic remake released earlier this year, Hunters will have access to a number of limited-time rewards from the month-long event, including, but by no means limited to, new armor sets themed after the survival horror’s heroes, Leon and Claire.

Check out the gallery below for a first-look at some of the loot on offer:

As for how explorers of the New World will go about obtaining those exclusive items, a new event quest – RE: Return of the Bioweapon – will be your first port of call. The prerequisites for participation are as follows:

  • Conditions: Master Rank 20 or higher
  • Locale: Rotten Vale
  • Objective: Slay a Blackveil Vaal Hazak

Instead of contending with the usual Effluvium corruption that Vaal Hazak spews out of its gaping maw, however, the status effect is replaced with Zombification. In order to stave off its effects – mobility and health debuffs – players will need to collect and consume Green or Red Herbs and fell the Elder Dragon. Succeed, and you’ll be rewarded with S.T.A.R.S. Badges, materials used to craft the Leon α and Claire α armor sets.

New emotes, Pendants and room decor items inspired by Resident Evil 2 are up for grabs over the event’s duration, too, further details for which you can find by hitting the link below. Good luck!