Month-Long Soccer Event Coming To World Of Tanks On June 10


You’d never consider Wargaming’s World Of Tanks to be the sort of game that would benefit from a special event revolving around a fast-paced sport such as soccer, but hey, it’s getting exactly that next month to celebrate the beginning of Euro 2016.

From June 10 until July 10, players of the popular MMO will have the T-62a Sport tank placed in their garage with which to play ball in 3-vs-3 matches and score goals by literally shooting the ball into the back of their opponent’s net.

The announcement on reads:

Let’s prepare for the major sporting event of the year together: we are pleased to announce that World of Tanks will host a special game event dedicated to the European football championship. Throughout the month, armored vehicles will clash in quite an unusual setting for them, namely on the pitch and while playing football! Yes, you read that correctly – there will be tank football taking place and you will be able to enjoy every bit of it!

Three new maps will also be added to coincide with the limited-time event: Himmelsdorf Arena, Stade Eiffel and Old Tankford are all purposefully built to accommodate the special rules of the new playlist. In addition to the above, Wargaming is running a tie-in tournament for players who think they have what it takes to be the ultimate tank soccer player.

Register on the official World Of Tanks website from June 1 to be entered into the tournament and if you rank in the top four teams at the end, you’ll receive one year’s worth of premium and an exclusive Type 59 tank.

What are you waiting for? You’d better start training now!

Source: VideoGamer

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