More Free Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood DLC Out Now

Yep Ubisoft didn’t change their mind, Animus Update 2.0 is free to download on Xbox Live and PSN starting today, so get your console gobbling up those megabytes right now and stop watching that kung-fu monkey. The new package of DLC contains a few sneaky little updates for the multiplayer, namely a new game mode serving as the Assassin’s Creed take on CTF, and a sleek new map to test it out in.

Since this is free we can’t really complain about it being so small, plus it is a genuinely intriguing addition that will help to build up depth for the multiplayer.  I personally am going to check this out properly, later on this evening when I get a moment, but until then I urge anyone with Brotherhood to jump right into it and see how it plays. I’ll see you on there.

DLC goodies: “Chest Capture Mode”, “Pienza Map”, “Templar Score Monthly Leaderboards”