More online single-player content is headed to ‘GTA Online’

Photo via PlayStation/YouTube.

Following the success of its recently released GTA Online update, Rockstar Games says more single-player content is headed to the game.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been popular for years, particularly since 2013 when the immensely popular GTA V was released. While no fresh story-driven DLC is headed to the popular action-adventure game, more will eventually appear in GTA Online. The game typically joins players with other online gamers to tackle missions as a team, but as Rockstar Games co-head Rob Nelson pointed out, many players are forced to stand by in game lobbies while they wait for other players to join.

The Contract update, which included story-driven content for single players to enjoy, was released earlier this week. Following its release, Nelson noted that the Rockstar team realized players were looking for more content of this type and promised that more will come in the future.

“I just think having the option for players is a nice thing,” Nelson said, emphasizing the ability for players to enjoy The Contract solo or with a team of friends. “It’s something that we’ve heard from players that they wanted more of. It’s tough sometimes if you want to just jump in and you’ve got to wait. So if we can make something work as a solo player, then we should.”

The Contract puts one of GTA V‘s three protagonists, Franklin, in the lead role. This indicates that other updates could be helmed by one of the game’s other two primary characters, Trevor or Michael.

“We often want to incentivize co-op play, but maybe not all the time ⏤ especially for this update,” Nelson said. “There’s as strong a narrative as we’ve had in any Online update since launch. There’s a story driving it.”

Fans can expect more of the same in the future, though a precise timeline is unclear. For now, they can enjoy GTA Online‘s The Contract on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.