Mortal Kombat DLC Release Date and Details

While Skarlet’s been teased the last few weeks as the first DLC character for Mortal Kombat, she may be coming sooner than you think. NetherRealms Studios has announced that she will be available for download on June 21st for 400 MSP or $4.99.

But it doesn’t stop there. Three more DLC characters (Rain, Kenshi and an unnamed fighter) have also been confirmed over the course of the summer for the same price. For those planning on buying all four, a Season’s Pass will be available for 1200 MSP or $15, which will enable you to pay once and download them each as soon as they release for a discounted price.

You’d think that would be it but NetherRealms also announced that they will release a compatibility pack on June 21st so that those who don’t download the fighters will still be able to play against them. This pack will also include Klassic Kostumes for the cyborgs Sektor and Cyrax. Best of all, this pack and the kostumes are free!

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