Mortal Kombat Vita Will Allow Portable Fatalities This Spring

This spring, gamers will be able to pull off gruesome fatalities while on the go. Warner Bros. has officially announced the rainy season as its planned release window for Mortal Kombat Vita. If it sticks to those plans, it would mean that the fighting game should launch within a few months of the device, which hits North America in late February.

It’s been revealed that developer Netherrealm has had a Vita dev kit since September 2010, which should benefit this port. Their studio head, Ed Boon, has promised “original game content” and “new features.” However, its PR team is attempting to keep those things secret at this point in time. Their announcement release states that “several” new additions will be “revealed in the coming months.”

As of right now, we do know that this handheld port will include all of its console brother’s character DLC, including Kratos and Freddy Krueger. Those two, along with their fellow downloadable foes, are featured on the game’s cover art. From the looks of things, it’ll be the planned Komplete Edition on a smaller scale.

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