Mortal Kombat XL Officially Confirmed For PC, Releases October 4


Following a rather cryptic Tweet posted by series co-creator Ed Boon last week surrounding a potential PC version of Mortal Kombat XL, publisher Warner Bros. has come forward to officially confirm what many suspected, providing a release date of October 4.

Having already been available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for a good few months, NetherRealm and Warner Bros. had originally planned to give PC players the same deal, but pulled the plug during development due to a combination of technical issues and a less-than-stellar reception for the original release on the platform.

High Voltage Software won’t be handling the port this time around, however. The project has instead been given to Qloc in, what we can only presume, is an attempt to avoid the issues that occurred in the past.

So, what’s the big deal about Mortal Kombat XL coming to PC? The answer is simple, really: Kombat Pack 2. The DLC add-on, which never made it to PC upon release, introduces four new characters – Alien, Predator, Leatherface and Triborg – and will be included with the re-release.

What’s more, owners of the original Mortal Kombat X will be given access to a new patch in the future that introduces improvements to online play, as well as various balancing updates.

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