Mortal Kombat’s Online Pass Waived Until PlayStation Store Returns

If you’ve purchased or rented a copy of the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat and haven’t been able to get online due to the PlayStation Store being down, fear not. NetherRealm Studios officially announced via the game’s Facebook page that they are going to waive their online pass code requirement until the PlayStation Store is back up (possibly next week.)

Since the network has resumed its operation, the pool of online kombatants has been limited to only those who purchased the game before its outage, as those were the only people who had a chance to redeem their Kombat Pass code.

The pass ships with all new copies of the game and allows users to play online without having to pay a fee that is otherwise $9.99. Those who rent the game or buy a second-hand copy will be forced to pay the ten dollar membership fee once the store is back up. Until it opens its proverbial doors again, the PSN code redemption service is offline.

Enjoy the free opportunity and take advantage of it by crushing the bones and internal organs of as many online competitors as you can.