Move Or Die Launches On Steam With Brand New Trailer


As of today, the “friendship ruining game” from developer Those Awesome Guys is ready to make all of your peers hate you, as Move Or Die launches on Steam. The multiplayer madness proved popular in a number of convention testing sessions, and now you can get your own hands on its infamous challenge.

Speaking about the launch of Move Or Die, founder and developer of Those Awesome Guys, Nicolae Berbece, explained how excited the team were about the first step on their journey through 2016:

The launch of Move Or Die is just the beginning of what should be a long and fun road ahead. There are many plans for new game challenges and content to be added every month based on what gamers want to see. I’m very proud to finally launch the game and looking forward to all the feedback from players around the world.

Move Or Die features a blend of various classic party games, with the rules changing with each new stage in a given game. Players will also find that – as the title would suggest – their avatar’s health will steadily drain unless they keep on moving around at all times.

Move Or Die is available through Steam now, and you can pick it up with a 10% discount for the next couple of days.

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