Could Ms. ‘Splosion Man End Up ‘Sploding Onto Steam?

While browsing through his Steam library recently, Rock Paper Shotgun’s Lewie Procter claims to have seen a listing for Ms. ‘Splosion Man appear briefly. While it was up, Mr. Procter managed to take a screenshot of what seem to be achievements for the popular upcoming platformer from Twisted Pixel. They’re greyed out but convey the art style found within the XBOX Live Arcade version’s list.

It is reported that the listing was changed to “ValveTestApp105420,” so who knows what to make of this. Perhaps it was a surprise that was leaked too early? Or maybe it was just an error from the start? We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s definitely a possibility, however, considering that Twisted Pixel never confirmed that they weren’t interested in bringing the series to the PC, only saying they liked XBLA for its ease of use.

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