The MultiMod Battlestation May Actually Keep My Desk Organized

Multimod Console

I don’t usually like talking about Kickstarter projects for a myriad of reasons. There’s just a lot that can go wrong with them, and even some of the bigger projects don’t seem to really know what they’re doing when it comes to this. It can be an absolute headache. However, once in a while something comes along that’s just so damn cool that I feel obligated to share it with you.

The MultiMod Console is one of the coolest workspace hacks that I’ve ever come across. Project designer Cody Wilmer worked alongside the readers of’s Battlestation subreddit to build a completely modular approach to the work desk, which could even keep a slob like me somewhat organized.

The basic premise is that Wilmer has designed a “tinkertoy for adults,” featuring adjustable reinforced pieces designed to keep everything in place. The default frame for the Battlestation project features room for two monitors, a microphone arm, speaker stands, a collapsing laptop stand as well as a headphone arm and a place to store your actual tower.

I have to admit that I was incredibly skeptical about having a mount that would leave my tower hanging off the edge of my desk (and I probably will be until I have this set up and I can test it for myself), but Wilmer demonstrated the strength of his setup by both throwing his own rig in it and using some weights. The tower shelf was able to hold 60 pounds (27 kilos) easily. When testing the speaker shelves, they held up well at 30 pounds; however, the torque where the rack screwed into the desk started to become an issue. If you use a cheaper Ikea desk like I do, 20 may be the max load to use there.

This is definitely not a project for everyone. It’s catering to an extremely niche audience by default, but it simply looks too good for me to pass up. You can check out the Kickstarter here, and you can check out the main storefront here.

$85 bucks is a steal for a modular multi monitor setup, and this really looks like its solid piece of equipment. Normally I’d have to justify pulling out my wallet, but anything that keeps my desk more organized may just earn me a free pass back home.