Murasaki Baby Heads To Vita Next Week

murasaki baby

Hey, you’re a contemporary gamer, right? You take in your fair share of indie titles with your mainstream titles, yeah? How do you enjoy all those games about children exploring dark, deadly worlds packed full of puzzles and platforming with an artsy touch? You know, like LimboBastionChild of LightBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons and so on? Well get ready, because this “new” territory is introducing another newcomer next week: Murasaki Baby, a dark, twisted puzzle-platformer starring a disturbed child in a deadly world.

Coming to us from Ovosonico, a studio created by former director at Grasshopper Manufacture Massimo Guarini, Murasaki Baby will be hitting the PS Vita on September 16 in North America and September 17 in Europe. Although Guarini has worked on some delightfully twisted titles in the past (Killer 7 and Shadows of the Damned are old favorites), his latest project seems to be straying closer to the indie trend of the decade, albeit with some of that classic Grasshopper zest added for good measure.

Players will take control of Baby, a young child making her way through a nightmarish world who also happens to carry a heart-shaped balloon and have her mouth on top of her head. Baby is controlled via the front touch screen, while the environment and other objects throughout the game can be controlled via the front and/or back touch screens. Not much else is known about the title, but the art direction does look uniquely fresh despite the rehashed premise.

Gamers looking to pick up the titles around launch can grab it for $15 when it comes out, but if you’re graced with a PlayStation Plus account you can get it for $12 during the first week. Are the Grasshopper touches enough to entice you back into the oddly saturated genre of “children exploring deadly worlds with artistic flair?” If so, be sure to pick up Murasaki Baby when it his the PS Store next week!