New Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer Released


Compared to the likes of heavy-hitting upcoming titles as Watch Dogs, we’ve seen disappointingly little in the way of info or promotional materials for Square Enix and Airtight Games’ Murdered: Soul Suspect – especially since its June 3 release date isn’t far away at all. At long last, though, we have a lengthy new video showcasing what players can expect from the game, in terms of both story and gameplay.

Murdered: Soul Suspect will focus on detective Ronan O’Connor, who is killed in action early on while investigating a notorious murderer known as the Bell Killer. Rather than the story ending there, Ronan continues to look into the case as a ghost, still able to investigate environments, collect clues, and have a link to the world of the living via a medium partner. He will also gradually gain special ghost abilities, such as possession and teleportation, to aid him during his journey in the town of Salem.

It’s an intriguing premise, for sure, and all signs point to the game being a refreshing experience that might just be the breakout hit of the summer. I know I’m excited for it, and you should be, too.

We will keep you updated on Murdered: Soul Suspect as more information is released. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.