Modern Warfare 3 Patch Adds New Playlists And Gets Gameplay Updates

Today, Modern Warfare 3 will be providing gamers with a few much needed updates, and a brand new game mode for multiplayer.

The new game mode, dubbed “Drop Zone” tasks players with defending a….well…drop zone…that will continuously drop care packages every fifteen seconds for the benefit of the defenders. What makes this mode different is that earning these care packages is the only way to achieve point streaks. As the first mode within the new “community” playlist, it looks to add popular user-made private match modes to the entire Modern Warfare 3 community.

Along with this addition, the hardcore playlist will be fortified with the inclusion of “Hardcore Headquarters Richochet,” which basically means that friendly fire will be redirected back at you if you mistake a teammate for an enemy combatant.

There was also an update to address “Host Disadvantage and Lag Compensation.” Thank you very much, Infinity Ward!

Let us know if you have any private match modes that you think should be considered for the Community Playlist, along with if you notice any reduction in lag after installing the patch.