MyAchievements Xbox Live Rewards Birthday Gift Is 25 Cents

Last week Microsoft revealed that all Xbox Live Gold members who sign up for the new MyAchievements rewards program, and have a Gamerscore of 3,000 or more, would get a mystery “Special Gift” during their birthday month. Thanks to a few October-born gamers on NeoGAF we now know that the “gift” is a whopping 20 Microsoft Points.

We dug up our old slide rule and figured out that those 20 Microsoft Points equal $0.25 in real money. Combine the birthday gift with the maximum 2% discount on XBLA purchases for Gold members with a Gamerscore over 25,000 and it is debatable if the MyAchievements program is even worth the time it takes to sign up.

On a more positive note, Sony’s PlayStation Plus program has never looked better!