MyAchievements Gives Xbox Live Rewards Based On Gamerscore

Microsoft rolled out the MyAchievements program this week, allowing Xbox Live Gold subscribers to earn rewards based on their Gamerscore.

The new addition to the Xbox Live Rewards program, which was hinted at last June, is a three tiered rewards system that finally adds a tangible benefit to Achievements.

Those with a Gamerscore between 3,000-9,999 (Contender level) will received “a special gift” during their birthday month. Scores between 10,000-24,999 (Champion level) earn the gift and a 1% discount on Xbox Live Marketplace purchases. Everyone above 25,000 (Legend level) will get the same package as the Champion level but with a 2% discount.

The discounts seem to apply to all digital content on Xbox Live, except for MS Point purchases and Gold subscriptions.

To cash in on the MyAchievements Xbox Live Rewards program all you have to do is register on