MyCareer Mode In WWE 2K15 Isn’t Just About Winning


IGN was lucky enough to get a hands-on experience with MyCareer mode in WWE 2K15, and from the sound of things, 2K has really put in the work to make it more than about restarting every match until you win. Sure, going on insane undefeated streaks reminiscent of Goldberg provides a rush, but much like the actual Goldberg streak, it isn’t very fun for fans to watch.

So, after Bill DeMott is done busting your ass into shape in preparation for WWE’s developmental territory NXT, you may want to think twice about switching the difficulty to easy to dethrone Adrian Neville as champion with your five moves of doom. In MyCareer mode your success is determined just as it is for real WWE superstars: getting over with the crowd. And that means having back and forth lengthy matches featuring multiple finisher kick-outs. In other words, you have to give the WWE Universe a show, because even a hard-fought loss will do more for your popularity than squashing everyone in sight.

Keeping that in mind means you will reach the main stage of WWE television in no time, where you will have a whole new plethora of objectives to complete in your career. Your goals will also probably be the same as every other WWE superstar: rise to the top of the organization and become the face of the company, headlining WrestleMania after WrestleMania with WWE Championship title defenses. That competition will also stir up various dynamic events throughout your journey to greatness.

Maybe you injured someone, or simply aren’t the top face or heel of the company? It’s also possible that you attacked someone on social media and they didn’t take too kindly to it. All of these things and probably more can and will affect your route to becoming the best in the world.

What I find most interesting about that though is that just like in real WWE, Twitter will play an integral part in shaping who you are as a superstar. Will you be a humble member of the roster, or attack everyone in sight? As for myself, I’ll probably stalk a digital Paige considering I already did so enough in real life to get her to follow me.

I’ll also probably try hiring her as my manager, as apparently that is something you can do with the in- game currency that you earn from completing various milestones. In addition to hiring managers you can also increase your statistics, similar to an RPG. Naturally, depending on your physique and build, some categories may max out early. That’s a wise feature too because no one wants to see a 700 pound guy doing the Red Arrow.


If we learned anything about MyCareer mode, it’s that everyone’s journey to the top will be different. Some of you may not even make it to WWE television, which unfortunately does happen with some people that are signed to NXT development contracts. The flexibility of the mode is what is driving interest the mode. Finally we have a career mode that doesn’t hinge success solely on winning matches!

WWE 2K15 will be released for last generation consoles on October 28th, and for current generation consoles on November 16th, but keep in mind that MyCareer mode is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: IGN