Namco Bandai Teasing New Title, Possibly Ace Combat

namco bandai new title ace combat

Namco Bandai launched a new teaser website today for something that is currently being called “New Title.” While the site itself provides no information about the upcoming project (except for whatever can be gleaned from a stack of flashing black cubes), there have been some other signs that point to it being related to a new game in the Ace Combat franchise.

The biggest indication that the new website is related to a new game in the long-running flight series is the fact that Namco Bandai recently trademarked “Ace Combat Infinity.” Now, not all trademarks end up becoming actual games, but trademarks that are followed by anonymous teaser websites typically stand a better chance.

Aside from the trademark, the publisher has a second teaser website up and running that mentions Project Aces — the developer behind the series. This site also contains the extremely Ace Combat-sounding dialog: “That day our sky fell, the heavens split to create new skies.”

The good news is that the “New Title” teaser website has a countdown clock that is set to expire seven days from now. Assuming it is counting down to an actual reveal, it looks like we only have to wait until July 19th to find out if a new Ace Combat is headed our way.

We will keep our eyes open for any other hints as to what Namco Bandai is working on, and let you know as soon as anything pops up.