Namco Bandai Trademarks “Pac-Man Smash!”

While digging around through European trademark applications, Siliconera discovered a new filing by Namco Bandai for “Pac-Man Smash!“, a name that has yet to be attached to anything officially announced by the company.

As with all trademark applications, there are no other details as to what type of game Pac-Man Smash! could be, or even any guarantees that it will ever turn into a finished product. WeGotThisCovered is envisioning a game that sees Pac-Man expand upon his fighting role in Street Fighter X Tekken and take on some sort of Hulk-like persona while smashing everything in sight. Which sounds a lot more fun than eating dots while being chased by ghosts, if you ask me.

If additional information about Pac-Man Smash! we will report it here.