Nano Assault Will Shoot-Up Bacteria In Three Dimensions

Inter-galactic virus fighters are needed in order to stop the Nanostray virus – a deadly contaminant which is threatening the world’s civilization in Nano Assault. The 3DS-exclusive title from Majesco Entertainment and Shin’en will release on December 5, with the aim of bringing fast-paced shoot ’em-up action into the third dimension.

From the looks of previously-released gameplay footage, Nano Assault is one game which will benefit greatly from the use of 3D viewing technology. Levels vary in sizes and types, with some taking place inside of bacteria-filled tunnels. Flying through a small tunnel at high speeds with bullets flying towards you sounds like a perfect opportunity to move your slider up a ways to whatever level suits your eyes best.

Check out the game’s trailer and screenshots below, as well as a release from Majesco Entertainment.

Stop the deadly Nanostray virus from spreading and contaminating civilization in Nano Assault, a fast-paced action shooter set within a visually stunning cellular system that leaps off the screen in full 3D.  Control your microscopic Nanite ship inside the dangerous virus to fight off infections, navigate through alien cell clusters, battle bosses, and ultimately analyze and destroy the virus’ core to save humanity.

  • Find, analyze, and destroy the Nanostray virus DNA with your Nanite vessel.
  • Harness the power of multiple weapons: Powerful Beams that lock onto enemies for instant impact; Energetic Bombs explode upon impact and launch devastating projectiles; Spins rotate around enemies in energy-draining orbs
  • Blast your way through 32 twisted cell stages and dark worlds with rugged landscapes that self-adjust in difficulty based on how you play.
  • Battle and defeat 10 extreme bosses including the Black Nucleus, Hyper Blobs, and Spore Plants to collect secondary weapons including lightning chains, electric flashes that destroy everything in close proximity, and the quick and powerful laser.
  • Test your skills in “Boss Rush” mode and battle bosses back-to-back!
  • Stunning gameplay aesthetic is set in a distinctive electron microscope inspired world.
  • Ignite purifying blasts to clear infections by collecting power-ups that defeated enemies leave behind.
  • Respawn and clone yourself along the journey to ensure successful missions.  AutoSaving is available after each stage or section.
  • Extra features include Missions Mode, an unlockable arcade style cell stage where you must destroy enemies against a time counter trying to get the highest score, and Hall of Fame where you can publish your level scores and compare them with friends online.
  • Detailed enemy Nanopedia lets you unlock information containing strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to defeat them.