Naughty Dog Confirms It Has “No Plans” For The Last Of Us On PS4

The Last of Us PS4

For all you folks hoping that most of the tail-end seventh generation blockbusters would find their way to PS4 and Xbox One somehow, Naughty Dog is here to burst your bubble – or at least poke a few holes in it. Despite the game’s critical acclaim, impressive sales, and general public laudation, the studio apparently prefers more of an “onwards and upwards” approach, recently confirming that The Last of Us will remain firmly planted in the current generation.

The confirmation came via a response to user “Gcity1989” on the PlayStation Blog, where community strategist Eric Monacelli stated flatly that there are “no plans to do that.” Party’s over guys. Go on home.

To be honest, I have no idea how Mr. Monacelli intended his comment to sound – he could have been rotating at top speed in his spinny-chair as he typed for all I know. That’s a general trouble with the internet I suppose. The point is, the abrupt kibosh of any and all next-gen The Last of Us suspicions is somewhat surprising, considering the seemingly logical rumors and tidbits that had been floating around.

One such example came from Naughty Dog itself, when company president Christophe Balestra agreed to an interview with EuroGamer back in February.

We always create our assets at a higher resolution than what you see in-game. A lot of our pipelines are already ready to move to something superior to the PS3.

Simple, yes, but it certainly seems reasonable that people might speculate a The Last of Us half-remake for PS4 as a result. Either way, nobody’s going to rip your current disc out of your cold, hopefully-not-dead hands, so at least rest assured that you’ll always have your PS3 copy.