Naughty Dog Officially Announces The Last Of Us: Part II


Naughty Dog kicked off PlayStation Experience 2016 with a stunner, but it was how they closed the show that really got people talking. Despite being very early in development, Shawn Layden took to the stage to officially debut The Last Of Us: Part II.

Picking up in the aftermath of the original masterpiece, The Last of Us: Part II reunites us with Joel and Ellie. Opening with shots of dense foliage, and then a glimpse of The Fireflies logo, the footage is cloaked in mystery. From there, we hear Ellie strumming away on a guitar while singing a haunting song. Finally, we see Joel enter the room to talk the very pissed off young woman.

It’ll be interesting to see how Part II carries on following the conclusion of The Last Of Us. That controversial ending definitely left open several juicy story threads that Naughty Dog will be sure to pick up on with this sequel. For example, does Ellie know what happened? And if she does, what does she think of Joel’s last-minute decision?

Concrete details on The Last Of Us: Part II were obviously not revealed at the event, and it may be awhile before we even have anything resembling a firm release window. Given how spectacular this game is going to be though, I’m sure people will be willing to wait it out.

For now, check out the announcement trailer above and stay tuned for more, as we’ll be diving deeper into the highly anticipated sequel over the next few days.