Naughty Dog Reveals The Last Of Us’ Alternate Ending, And Happy Outbreak Day!

The Last of Us

Did you know today is Outbreak Day? That’s right, September 26, 2013 is the exact day that the Cordyceps fungus in The Last of Us jumped over to humans and kicked off the apocalypse. So, happy Outbreak Day everybody!

To celebrate the occasion, Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann has posted a video on the PlayStation Blog, which reveals a fun twist on the game’s alternate ending. Obviously, we are headed into spoiler country here, so if you have not yet played The Last of Us (and you really should have at this point) turn away now or forever spoil one of the best games of this console generation.

Now for everyone else. Apparently, the team originally planned to make the last part in the hospital a long cinematic instead of having it playable. The end result was basically the same, however, when Joel runs into the operating room he takes one of the doctors hostage and orders the other two to get away from Ellie. At that point, Marlene comes into the room and the confrontation with her happens right there with Ellie still on the table.

During the filming of the alternate ending the actors had a little fun in one of the takes, which resulted in the video embedded at the bottom of this post.

In addition to the outtake, Druckmann confirmed that they will finally reveal more information about their plans for The Last of Us DLC tomorrow. Hopefully, this will include the highly anticipated single player content that was promised in the Season Pass. We will keep an eye out those details and let you know as soon as they are announced.