NBA 2K12 Announces Greatest Mode

2K Sports set the bar for great sports sims with the introduction of their “Jordan Mode” in NBA 2K11. With NBA 2K12 set to release Oct. 4th, 2011, they look to continue the trended.

In a recent press release, 2K Sports revealed that Jordan will return but he isn’t the only legend you’ll be controlling. In an attempt to do what only PC coaching sim games have done in the past, NBA 2K12 will feature a “Greatest Mode”. Just like the Jordan challenges in the previous game, this mode will feature select legends including Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Dr. J, and more. Besting the 15 challenges will unlock great historic teams for use in other modes.

What this means is you can finally put Magic and the “Showtime” Lakers against the Lakers of current day. Then, you could put Miami’s “Big 3” against Jordan or Bird and the Celtics.

The full list of teams and players that will be available in this mode have not been finalized but I’m certain this will continue to be a hot topic amongst gaming NBA fans. Unfortunately, this may be the biggest NBA news this year with the impending lockout looming in the future.

Given the amazing commentary, presentation, and on-court personality featured on NBA 2K11, this looks to be another high caliber effort by 2K Sports.

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