NBA 2K13 Will Crash The Boards With Kinect, PS Move Will Sit This One Out

We discussed this as a possibility just a few days ago, but now we have some confirmation on the issue. NBA 2K13 is going to have some Kinect integration when it hits the court come October 2nd.

Now wait, before you start writing that angry comment, hear me out here. You’re not going to be waving your arms around trying to control your team. Instead, the Xbox 360 version of the title is going to allow for some voice commands while you’re playing against the AI.

You’ll be able to order players to move to the post or even try to call a few isolation plays. If that’s not enough integration for you, the game will be waiting for you to lose your temper as well. Once you start swearing over a bad call, you can expect a technical foul for your behavior. No word if it will comment that your room needs tidying up though.

Those of you concerned with a Kinect takeover should take solace in the fact that it’s only available in single player vs the AI. A rep from 2K Games stated that it just wouldn’t make sense from a technological or gameplay standpoint. In local games, there would be no way for Kinect to know who was who, and trying to add it to online games would just introduce more lag.

Strangely, the PS Move support for the title has been dropped this year. No word from 2K Games on why the feature didn’t make the final cut, especially since they spared no expense having Kobe Bryant unveil it during 2011’s E3.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on more NBA 2K13 news as it arises.

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