NBA 2K13 Fast Forwards To The All-Star Game, Interviews Blake Griffin

Lately, the folks from 2K Sports have kept themselves quite busy with the creation of multiple NBA 2K13 promotional videos, including two brand new ones which hit the Internet this morning. The first happens to focus on the game’s All-Star pre-order bonus content, wherein players can show off their dunking and three-point skills, while the other features an interview with superstar Blake Griffin. Fans of the League and its related video games should find both worth a view.

NBA 2K13 will bring its digitized brand of professional basketball to North America on October 2, and will now include Scottie Pippen’s likeness as part of the 1992 Dream Team roster. The popular former Chicago Bulls great finally agreed to appear in the game after some prodding from those close to him, as well as the series’ large fan base. He made the news official by Tweeting;

“Joining 2KSports’ Dream Team in NBA 2K13 after hearing fans & family say I had to be a part of it. Settle the debate-easy choice!”

Now, onto the videos:

All-Star festivities:

Blake Griffin interview:

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