NBA 2K15 Slams In A New Trailer



There has been a surprisingly small amount of information on Visual Concept’s next installment of their blockbuster basketball franchise, but thankfully, NBA 2K15 has finally shed some light on a plethora of new information, and by “plethora,” I mean absolutely nothing.

Seriously. All we see is Kevin Durant dribble and dunk — that’s it. No mentions of any updates to gameplay, modes, or anything else. It’s an incredibly underwhelming and pointless trailer that shows no noticeable improvements in terms of graphics. Last year’s excellent character models seem to have been untouched and the jersey physics are still a bit too floaty.

The only information given in the trailer are the already-known pre-order incentives. I would be tempted to say that it’s a bit worrying that they’re so mum about NBA 2K15 if it weren’t for their excellent pedigree, but hey, every great team eventually reaches a rebuild phase, right?

Feel free to check out the trailer below so you, too, can experience the overwhelming underwhelm.

Source: Joystiq

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