NBA 2K15 Set To Patch MyPark And Other Issues


It’s no secret that NBA 2K15 has had a steady stream of shoddy server issues for the past handful of years. As a massive fan of the franchise, it’s a genuinely frustrating experience, expecting each new installment to no longer have lag issues or server dropouts that cause you to miss out on a bulk of NBA 2K‘s content. So, it’s become an unfortunate annual tradition of waiting for that patch to smoothen those server issues. Thankfully, NBA 2K15 now seems to be gearing up for the release of its first patch.

Thanks to a Tweet, we know that the patch is mainly focused on the MyPark game mode. There’s been a consistent error that causes players to be booted from said mode and I can personally attest to having run-ins with this problem as well. Sadly, there’s no specific release date for the patch just yet, but it has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for approval.

As was pointed out in our review, the NBA 2K15 servers still being shaky is absolutely infuriating. It goes without saying Visual Concepts needs to get its act together and really make server stability its number one, number two, and number three priority. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but seeing as this has been going on for several years now, it’s becoming an increasingly glaring issue that is harder and harder to ignore.

Tell us, have you been experiencing server issues with NBA 2K15? If so, are you also starting to get fed up? Sound off below!

Source: Joystiq