NBA Live 13 Suffers A Delay

Fans of EA’s NBA Live series, originally set to return later this year after a two year absence due to a cancellation by EA, will have to wait longer to get their hands on NBA Live 13.

Joystiq reports that the game has been delayed and given no new release date. With the new NBA season fast approaching, tipping off on October 30th, and competitor NBA 2K13 set to be released on October 2nd, EA has a very small window with which to work unless it wants to risk losing potential sales on account of not being timely enough.

What would help is if EA weren’t so mum about the upcoming release. Knowing how little has come out with regards to the game, the delay should come as no surprise. It would appear, though, that EA has realized that the mystery is not working in their favor since along with the news of the delay comes the following trailer, which goes to show that the game won’t be one to fade quickly into obscurity in light of the delay.

When it will finally hit shelves is anybody’s guess, but NBA Live 13 still appears set to be a reality, even if a distant one.