NBA Live 14 Returns To The Game On November 19th


After a four year layoff, NBA Live will finally return to the court on November 19th. NBA Live 14 will retail exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving will be on the cover.

Similar to former #1 draft pick Greg Oden, EA Sports’ basketball franchise has went through a ridiculous amount of problems since we last saw them. NBA Elite 11 was cancelled in 2010 following a disastrous demo release that was plagued by glitches. Following that, NBA Live 13 was cancelled due to both development problems and the fact that the title wouldn’t release until mid-way through the NBA season.

While we have been waiting for a new iteration of the franchise though, NBA Live has been hitting the gym. EA Sports’ new Ignite Engine, which is also used in all of the company’s upcoming titles, will power the title. The game will also feature the recently developed “BounceTek” physics engine, which promises improved ball physics and more realistic dribbling.

During NBA Live‘s long layoff, another basketball franchise has taken over. 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series has become to go to series for gamers, partly due to the fact that it was the only game available and partly for the fact that it is quite good. That franchise has received numerous accolades over the past few years and is considered to be a top tier sports series now.

As previously mentioned, NBA Live 14 will release on November 19th, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Are you willing to come back to the franchise after such a long layoff? Are you more of a NBA 2K gamer? Will you pick up both basketball titles for some indiscernible reason? Let us know!