NBA Live 15 Nabs Buzzer Assassin Damien Lillard As Cover Athlete



EA Sports has decided to go with up-and-coming superstar Damien Lillard as their NBA Live 15 cover athlete. The Portland Trailblazers guard had a breakout season full of clutch shots (I’ll never forget the .09 Rockets-killer shot) and an impressive appearance at the dunk contest. With Lillard being chosen, this marks the second year in a row that a point guard has graced the cover of the shakily rebooted NBA Live franchise.

Personally, I really like this pick. Damien Lillard isn’t quite a superstar yet but he has everything one needs to make it happen. He has the handles, athleticism, shot accuracy, and most importantly, the confidence. Perhaps the team behind NBA Live see a little of themselves in Lillard.

Unfortunately, little else was revealed alongside this unveiling, other than news that Lillard is helping the developers with motion capturing for NBA Live 15. Then again, at least this year’s cover actually looks appealing, as opposed to last year’s grim mugshot of Kyrie Irving.


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