NBA Live 16 Release Date Confirmed, New Footage Revealed


During the first half of EA’s sporting section at their E3 conference, brand new footage and features were shown off for the upcoming NBA Live 16. The gameplay trailer itself demonstrated a lot of what you’ll be able to do with their teams on the court, but first, EA showed us what we’ll be able to do to complete the experience behind the scenes.

Demonstrations of the GameFace feature took place live on stage, where NBA Live 16‘s companion app was deployed to show a live capture of the presenter’s face and the resulting avatar. The whole process looked smooth and thorough, and opened up new avenues of customization once uploaded into the full game.

The trailer itself then gave information on the newly refined control system that EA has brought to the game, with new techniques taking over the way players will move, pass and even interact with each other on the court.

NBA Live 16 has been confirmed for release on September 29, 2015 which falls in line with the standard annual release for the franchise.