NCsoft Launching WildStar on June 3rd


Guild Wars publisher NCsoft has officially announced that the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, WildStar will launch on June 3rd. The long delayed title is being developed by Carbine Studios, which is the first product from the team.

In development since 2005, WildStar takes place in the futuristic world of Nexus and will have players taking control of their unique character in the immediate aftermath of the disappearance of the Eldan, a mysterious and powerful race who have left behind an abundance of new technology.

Like most MMOs, WildStar will require a monthly fee of $14.99 following the free trial month that comes with the purchase of the game. Subscribers can also choose to purchase time in 3 and 12 month increments for a better value, or pay for their subscription with in-game currency.

NCsoft also announced that WildStar will be available in both standard and deluxe editions. The standard version of the title will carry a cost of $59.99 and comes with the free 30 day trial, three free week trials for guests and an Eldan decoration item for your house. The deluxe edition will cost $74.99 and will include all of the standard edition items, as well as some additional Eldan themed items such as a hoverboard, a costume and a dye set for armor. Both packages will be available digitally and at retail stores.

Pre-orders for the MMO will open starting on March 19th and those that choose to place their order now will be entitled to another set of bonus goodies. These bonuses include another housing decoration, increased inventory space, a rocket house, access to a multitude of beta events and the ability to play the game three days earlier on May 31.

We will continue to have coverage of WildStar in the lead-up to its June 3 release date so be sure to stay tuned!

Source: Polygon