Need For Speed Arena Trademark Registration Filed By EA


Need For Speed publisher EA could well be gearing-up to announce a new entry in the series if a recent trademark registration is anything to go by.

As per VG247, a trademark for one Need For Speed Arena has been spotted over on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website, although little else can be gleaned from the page other than a name.

The ‘Goods and Services’ section of the profile does, however, confirm that it relates to “computer game software,” with further mention being made of an “on-line computer game” among its intended services.


Assuming Need For Speed Arena is in fact a future title being published by EA, there’s no telling whether it’s intended to be a main series release or something else entirely. There’s every chance that this could be some sort of mobile title featuring a multiplayer component, but we likely won’t know more until the trademark is approved.

EA has seen fit to give the long-running racing franchise a rest this year, but the publisher has confirmed previously that a new entry will be coming at some point in 2017. Whatever the result, we’re curious as to where EA intends to take the series next, as last year’s Need For Speed reboot developed by Ghost Games wasn’t particularly great.