Need For Speed Reboot Requires An Online Connection To Play

Need for Speed

Video games such as the recent SimCity caught a lot of flack for requiring players to always be online in order to play, but that controversy has not stopped new games from removing the feature. The latest title to use the “always connected online” design is the upcoming Need for Speed reboot, as the official Twitter account behind the open-world racing game revealed in a Tweet that the game would “require an online connection,” but promised benefits such as “more variety” and a “more rewarding experience with friends.”

The Need for Speed Twitter followed up this news by stating that the required internet connection would allow the game to “push the boundaries of the overall experience (Need for Speed) (could) deliver to fans” and enable “friends to be a part of (the player’s) narrative experience.” The game’s Twitter account also clarified that both single player and multiplayer modes would be available to play.

Need for Speed launches for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year. Tell us, are you upset to hear that it will require an internet connection to play? Sound off below!