Need For Speed Reveal Trailer Takes It Back To The Underground


After spending last year on the sidelines for the first time in over a decade, Ghost Games has pulled back the tarpaulin on the visceral reveal trailer for Need for Speed. Without a subtitle or number attached to it, it appears EA is pursuing the path of a full reboot, though going off of the stylistic tendencies glimpsed in the trailer above not to mention the music, it seems as though the franchise’s triumphant return will take a few cues from the beloved Underground series.

In fact, according to Ghost Games, this year’s entry into the longrunning street racing series will sport “deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game.” Placing a key emphasis on the urban car scene, 2015’s Need for Speed will reportedly include an array of customizable vehicles, drawing influence from the past, present and future of modified automobiles. It’s an exciting proposition, particularly now that the series’ loyal fanbase has been crying out for the return of deep customization for some time.

As the Swedish studio behind 2013’s NFS: Rivals, Ghost Games has experience behind the wheel of EA’s flagship racer. Plus, although the footage above is all-too-brief, the graphics on display – said to be representative of the final build, across all platforms – are truly something to behold, and we’re crossing on fingers that 2015’s entry into the series captures the exhilarating action that Need for Speed is renown for.

Need for Speed 2015 looks to be Underground 3 in all but name, but what do you think, is this the direction you hoped Ghost Games would steer the franchise? Give us your thoughts down below.