Nether Arrives On Steam Early Access


Phosphor Games has decided to put the survival back into the survival horror genre with their upcoming title Nether, which drops players into a harsh environment where split-second decisions can mean the difference between life or death. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic urban world, players must scavenge for food, weapons and supplies all while avoiding nasty teleporting creatures called nethers. They can choose whether to go at it alone or forge a team in order to face dangerous challenges and complete objectives.

“Since we started working on the rich, urban environment of Nether we’ve wanted to get players involved in shaping the game and its future content,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games. “Now that players can experience the exhilarating gameplay themselves, we are really excited to see how player feedback shapes Nether in the coming months and years.”

Now available for early access on Steam, players can get involved in the game as it develops and get an edge up on the competition. There are currently two different early access packages that can be purchased, for either $29.99 or $49.99, and each comes with additional beta keys to share with friends. Furthermore, players who previously pre-ordered Nether will receive additional in-game perks as a thank you for their support.

Check out the trailer below and then head down to the comments and let us know whether you’ll be getting early access to Nether.