New Apex Legends Guide Helps You Get An Edge With Octane

Apex Legends

As far as Legends go, Octane is pretty damn unique.

Formerly known as Octavio Silva, Respawn’s death-dealing adrenaline junkie entered the Apex Legends arena earlier this month with the launch of Season 1. He’ll set you back 12,000 Legend coins (or 750 Apex coins, if you’re willing to part with real-life money), and thanks to the good folks at Hotstream, we now have a play-by-play breakdown of Octane’s strengths and weaknesses, of which there are a few. Because let’s face it, no Legend is perfect.

Like all other characters, though, he comes packing a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability – Swift Mend, Stim, and the launch pad. Gameplay-wise, it makes for a Legend cut from the same cloth as Wraith, though Hotstream advises players to take full advantage of Octane’s speed.

Octane is similar to Wraith, however, Octane is much more visible. Wraith’s abilities allow her to use her portals and Riftwalk to escape fights while she is briefly invisible. Octane is definitely a fast-paced Legend who is best utilized by players who are comfortable with movement.

What’s more, if you want to give yourself a cutting edge on the battlefield, you’ll want to equip Octane with an SMG and a shotgun (or automatic rifle!) as it presents the best of both worlds. He may not be the best at sniping, but here, Hotstream points out why, exactly, Octane stands as one of Apex‘s most enjoyable Legends.

We found that the best loadout to use with Octane is an SMG paired with a shotgun or an automatic rifle paired with a Wingman. Octane isn’t the best with LMGs or snipers due to his fast movement, which can make landing shots difficult.

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